Lady In Pray For The People Affecth Hurricans And Storms. By Sherrii Of Palm Springs!
I can't help think of all the heartache and fear that is going on around the country thinking of their friends and relatives in the floods, rain, and Hurricane.
God Bless all of you and praying that all will be well with everyone.

If any of our dear Redbubble friends are affected in some way.. I am sure that
our artist and photographers writers and corporate are praying.
This so scarey, its terrible what is happening all over The United States,
They Are talking about the big earthquarke out in The Desert Of Palm Springs, here and other places.
Again May God Take Care of all. I had to say it is so sad that Haiti got hit again...
poor people, little children, My daughter who just died of Cancer went out there last year to help 
the little kids, She said they were so sweet and thankful

I just hear on the TV that another policemen was killed in Los Angels, ..Wow no regard for human life kill...God Bless His Family and all our policemen.
They deserve prayers for protection...Saint Michael , Gu lovely people..eez forgot is it Michael the Archangel...let me know guys..10-05-2016 Take care all !!!


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