Skin and Hair A New You
Little bit of fun and a new you. I have given you a touch of
what I use plus I have more to tell you about if you have a question about these products just ask.. simple, important, hair skin, lovely,

From Chicago my home town to the beautiful Palm Springs Area

Windy City, thats funny let me tell you all!!! that the desert can be like Chicago and its wind.

 I was born in Chicago raised  with my wonderful family in the suburbs . The things they say about Chicago most is  not true, but there are certain areas, 

I think if you asked people that have visited My home town.. they would say how wonderful the city is, People are awesomely friendly.. Lake Shore Drive is beautiful as you  drive
along lake Michigan. The Yacht Clubs, the Museums .. so beautiful..\Gorgeous
l always.

Happy Mothers Day