Skin and Hair A New You
Little bit of fun and a new you. I have given you a touch of
what I use plus I have more to tell you about if you have a question about these products just ask.. simple, important, hair skin, lovely,

The Cabin Restaurant and Lounge, Fine Casual Dining by Sherri Of Palm Springs, looks like my restaurant almost.. In Chicago

This was truly a fun  image to do tonight, It is similar to my Restaurant In The Chicago Suburbs.I
sold it quite a few years ago.. it seems like a 100.. lol I do miss it..lots of yummy food, flaming, I had a designer boutique above the restaurant..
 I will do  more things  about it.. later.. Golden Mushroom I think I had everything with mushrooms on them..Great Hamburgers.. The Friend That I have with his image of Steak and Vine, put my Cabin burger on his late menu.. people always have a taste for Hamburgers..This little Ad is a Big Thank You
Have a great day..Sherri

Happy Mothers Day